Academy Live 2017 Registration

Here’s What You’re Getting at the Live Academy (and Why You Should Attend)

What we do in the workshop, that we can’t do in the online course, is … immersion. We’re locked in a room together with one strategic outcome in mind: get your copy done.

And these tickets, by the way, are really worth $5,000 each. If you wanted to come to this event and you’re not a student of Copywriting Academy (or the Guest of a Student) you would pay $5,000 per ticket. And because I’m giving you not one, but two tickets, this bonus is literally worth $10,000.

But these two tickets are free to you.

Now, one thing you need to know, and I want these cards on the table: when you register for this live event, we do ask you to help us out with a $97 Registration Fee for each of you (you and your guest – or just you, if you’re coming alone). Why? This fee covers your workbook, your reserved seat, and other materials. It also has you putting a little “skin in the game.” Helps get you motivated to SHOW UP. But each of your two $5,000 event tickets is free.

So in reality, you’d be kinda crazy to pass this up. Unless you have all the sales and profits you want. If that’s the case, by all means, stay home and binge-watch Netflix.

The Details on Your Free Event

So here are the details… the Copywriting Academy Live event happens in Franklin, TN (just next door to Nashville – it’s about a 15-minute drive from the Nashville airport).

The dates are Friday, June 23 – Sunday, June 25, 2017, 8am5pm each day.

And the workshop itself? We are gathering a small group of remarkable people… people just like you, who are committed to crafting their breakthrough copy. The kind of copy that can produce millions of dollars in revenue.

What is This Event Worth?

This Live Workshop shouldn’t cost you a dime. Here are 3 good reasons why:

1. You’re getting a $10,000 return on your investment. All you must do is show up.

2. You’re getting live, in-person, teaching and training from Ray. This is the only way to get that at any price… and you’re getting it FREE as a member-in-good-standing of the Academy.

3. Ray has specifically designed this experience to install these “money getting” skills in your nervous system… and to allow you to compress his decades of experience into days for you. So you can use the skills for creating cash flow when you want to.

Plus, if the only thing attending the live event did for you was just one of the following:

1. Get your first draft copy written and finished in 3 days.

2. Allow you to be trained directly, in person, by Ray.

3. Get your free coaching from Ray’s trained and approved Copy Coaches.

4. Put you in a voluntary “lock down” and FORCE you to create your sales copy.

5. Imprint skills and persuasion patterns into your nervous system that you’ll be able to access for life.

In my humble (but accurate) opinion, any one of those benefits would be worth investing the retail price of $10,000. But the Academy LIVE delivers not one, not two,  not three ... but all FIVE of these benefits… and more! FOR FREE.

Order Right Now Because We Have a Firm Limit on the Number of Attendees

We have a very real physical limit on the number of people we can host, due to the size of the venue (and the rather important rules imposed by the Fire Marshall).

NO “false scarcity” here… but this thing WILL sell out. And if you hesitate, you’ll lose out.


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