Ray Edwards Now Creates Your Monthly Marketing Campaigns

In The Prosperous Business Academy™, you get one-stop Business Marketing & Messaging, & Coaching from Ray. Your own Prosperity Coach In a Box.™



  • Report #1: The Ultimate Winning Webinar Formula
  • Report #2: The Ultimate Email Marketing Formula
  • Report #3: The Ultimate Guide to 3-Day Product Creation
  • Report #4: The 10-Hour Internet Workweek

How Prosperous Business Academy Helps You

Most business owners do not have a true marketing system. A marketing system is an integrated, automated approach that reliably produces a predictable number of profitable prospects. 

If you don't have it written down, if you don't have it semi-automated, and it isn't producing leads and sales for you… it's not a system. 

Everything we do is aimed at getting your integrated marketing system up and running.


Monthly Marketing Tutorial

Each month, my faculty and I, teach you a new tool, tactic, or technology that will help you grow your business. 

I select the topic of each class based on "what's working now". This is what you need to know in order to advance your business. 


Monthly Live Q&A

More than merely a Q&A, this is really a group coaching call where you can ask any question. I'm here to help. If I don't know the answer, I probably know who does, and can point you in the right direction. This is the kind of access you wish you could have to the "gurus" but is so rarely available.


Weekly Content Marketing Templates

Each month my team and I prepare a set of "marketing stuff in the rough" - the basis for your education-based marketing. 

We choose a theme that is universally applicable to all businesses, and provide first drafts for your blog posts, podcast outlines, YouTube videos, and social media updates. 

I've also created a special video training showing you how to customize these for your own business so that they will look and feel like your own unique content. 

Plus, each month I personally create or discover and curate a campaign you can emulate in your own business. I also show you how to adapt this material so that you are not plagiarizing from anyone (including me), but using the material as a springboard to easily build your own powerful and effective marketing campaigns.


Spiritual Foundations Weekly Training

All people, of all faiths (or no faith), are welcome in the Academy. This weekly session is specifically created for followers of Jesus Christ. How do we live out His revolutionary gospel of grace in our daily life? Is there a place in the world of business for the move of the Spirit? Does God want you to have good success?

And if the answer to that last question is "yes" (I believe it is), then how do we do that?

Each week I unpack another factor in this equation. This training is usually done live, so you're free to ask specific questions (and tough questions are welcome).


 "Golden Ticket" For Any of Ray's Products

Once each month, you may exercise your Golden Ticket to "purchase" any of my existing digital learning programs for zero dollars (if you are an Academy member in good standing). 

This includes programs that have a retail value of $2,995, and which are being offered for sale at that price every day the week. 


What Else Comes with Prosperity Academy?

Permission To Prosper Live - the SEMINAR!

“Permission To Prosper Live” 2 tickets at 60.18% OFF the RETAIL PRICE



A life-changing, transformational three-day experience. We help you unpack and unburden yourself of your limiting beliefs about money, wealth, and possessions. We also help you:

  • Understand God's will for your prosperity (which is not the same as the so-called "prosperity gospel"). 
  • Give you practical tools to help you attract money, build wealth, and create a legacy for your family. 
  • Dismantle the stronghold of limiting beliefs, eliminate long-standing addictive and compulsive behavior patterns, and so much more. 
  • Finally, you will be filling in a carefully designed workbook which will become your Prosperity Roadmap for the next 12 months!  

To prosper means to be complete, whole, and abundant in every department of life. That's what this event is designed to help you do. Not to be missed. All materials in this workshop are based on sound Biblical Theology. 

Watch the video to above to see how last year's event impacted people - and this upcoming event is going to be at least 10 times more effective!



Live Meetups

For Academy members, there is a Live Meetup at any seminar, workshop, or industry event which I'm attending for the full duration of that event. 

Even at events where I have a public Meetup (such as the one I'm having at Social Media Marketing World), there will also be a separate Meetup which is private, and available only to Academy members in good standing. 

We also have a live meetup once per month, in the coffee shop my son and I own together here in Spokane, Washington. You're welcome to drop by and be part of this Live Meetup.


Private Facebook Group

Every powerful society of like-minded individuals needs a clubhouse. A fortress where they can talk openly about their businesses, opportunities, and challenges. 

A place to get feedback, support and help. From other members, and from me & my team. That's what our private Facebook group is: our secret clubhouse. All Academy members are granted entrance into this group. 


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Try The Academy for 30 Days

Anytime during the first 30 days of your enrollment in the Academy, you may request a refund and receive every dollar back if the program is not for you. 

No hard feelings. You may even keep your bonus gifts. It's our way of saying "thank you" for giving us a try. 

After the first 30 days, your memership auomatically renews monthly. You may quit anytime. There's no contract or obligation. 

PLEASE NOTE: there are no refunds after the first 30 days.

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