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The Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter Program

Establish Your Credibility. Get More Leads. Multiply Your Income.

Why Become a Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter?

Establish Your Credibility.  It’s hard to stand out. Borrow Ray’s credibility and reputation when you are certified by him.

Get More Leads. Get More Leads. The toughest part of this business is getting leads. We get lots, and we can’t handle them all. We would love to possibly share qualified leads with you as a Certified Copywriter.

Multiply Your Income. Instead of growing your business incrementally, why not grow it exponentially? Don’t just add to your income—multiply it.


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What Does It Cost?

How to Become a Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter

It really SHOULD cost you NOTHING..

Because it's an investment YOU make in YOU.

Here's what I mean...

The whole point of this is to train you to start, run, and grow your own business. If you do that, and create a 6 or even 7 figure income... then you should have earned back your tuition very quickly.

Now, I'm not promising you success. We both know that would be a load of hot air - because I don't know enough about you yet, and I don't have a crystal ball. But I do know what works for me and some of my other students. And I am going to teach you all of that.

And once you are certified, what kind of fees might you be able to charge? Well, here are some of my well-educated guesses...

  1. Fill out a brief questionnaire.
  2. Submit two (2) samples of your writing. 

Some sample fees beginners might get for copywriting as an REICC:

  • Sales Copy “Tuneup” $750
  • Marketing “Tuneup” $1,250
  • Sales Letter $3,500
  • Email Series (10 Emails) $1,500
  • Landing Page $500
  • 10-Page Lead Magnet $1,000
  •  Product Launch Package (Including Sales Letter, Video & Email Copy, and more.) $10,000

If you get just 4 clients a month, with an average fee of $2,500 each, that would be revenue of $120,000 per year. If you added one Product Launch Package per quarter (4 for the year), that would add $40,000 to your revenue, making your total income $160,000.

Now, we can’t and don’t promise this kind of result. It is not the typical result for our students. In fact, because we are just starting this program, the typical result to date is $0.  What you have to ask yourself is—are you going to be the typical person?

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Why This Matters

You can be “just another hack copywriter,” or you can be certified by Ray Edwards—a name online businesspeople know and trust.

How Becoming a Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter Gets You More Success with Less Stress

Who Is This For?

  • Successful Six-Figure Copywriters Who Want to Hit the 7-Figure Mark. This will be a “Credibility Boost” and an instant source of qualified leads for your existing, already successful business.
  • New Copywriters Looking to Accelerate Their Progress. Skip decades of trial and error. Avoid the painful mistakes, and the costly “rookie moves” those who go it alone always make. Since I already made the mistakes, you can learn from me, so you don’t make them, too.
  • Anyone Who Wants to Start a Marketing Agency—or Boost Your Existing Agency—With an Unfair Advantage. You already know how tough it can be to stand out from the sea of “marketing consultants.” This certification lets you borrow Ray’s credibility and gives you an “unfair advantage.”
  • Successful Business People Who Want to Start a New Business of Their Own. Maybe you just sold your business (or are planning to), and the idea of retirement doesn’t appeal to you. This kind of “lifestyle business” could be the perfect answer.
  • Boomers Who Are Business Savvy But Find Themselves In Need of Income. Have you been “downsized,” “right-sized,” forced into early retirement, or just plain fired (in favor of a younger, cheaper model)? You can have the last laugh with your own copywriting business where you work less and make more.
  • Successful Copywriters Who Know That to Compete, You Need to Be More Than “Just a Copywriter." There are so many copywriters out there already, but very few of them are (a) good,  (b) reliable, and (c) certified by a respected name in the field. This program could be your ticket to being all three!
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What You Get as a Ray Edwards Certified Copywriter

  • The Copywriting Academy – The #1 Copywriting Training Program of its kind.

  • Academy Activation Workshop – A hands-on two-day in-person workshop where we write copy together.

  • The 3-Day Certification Intensive – The Core Certification Training. 3 days, up close and personal, with Ray.

  • The Exclusive Pathfinder Program – A thriving, vital, personalized community, there to guide and help, any time.

  • The Certified Copywriter Seal – Upon  certification, you may display this on your website, business cards, etc. *

  • Listing on the Ray Edwards Copywriters Page - Upon  certification, you will be listed on our Copywriters We Recommend page (on Ray’s website).* 

  • First Consideration for Projects with Project X (our soon-to-be-announced Agency)*

  • Monthly Group Coaching and Q&A Calls – a full year of coaching from Ray himself.

  • Monthly Ray Edwards Report – Ray’s “marketing department in a box”, sent to you each month for a full year.

  • BONUS: One "Golden Ticket" (free access to a Ray Edwards Course) each month

  • BONUS: "Foundation Fridays" – a live “Spiritual Foundations Session” each week

  • BONUS: Special Treatment & Visibility at Ray Edwards event

  • Copy Templates and Outlines for Your Use With Clients (and for Yourself)

  • Access to our Private Online Community

  • Possible Qualified Leads from Ray Edwards International, Inc.*

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Michael Hyatt

“Ray Edwards is not only a master copywriter, he is the best copywriting teacher I know. Whether you are selling a product, a service, or a point-of-view, Ray’s program will give you the training you need to move your prospects to buy NOW.”

Amy Porterfield

“I first met Ray when I was still working with Tony Robbins. We needed a sales letter for a new product. Hiring Ray to write that sales copy was one of the best decisions we ever made, because he nailed it. Every time we used Ray’s copy, our sales went through the roof!

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Joe Barton

Ray Edwards flat-out gets results. He has written many profitable pieces of copy for us, including our most profitable sales letter. That sales letter has brought us over $10,000,000 (million) in revenue… Ray’s copy remains the undisputed champion.”

Build Your Writing & Consulting Business with Certification

Your Next Chance to Get Certified

  •  March 5-7, 2019 - Nashville, TN
  • March 31- April 2, 2019 - Phoenix , AZ
  • July 9-11, 2019 - Portland, OR
  • Sept 10-12, 2019 - Denver, CO
  • November 2019 - TBD
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