May 29, 2019 (3:30 pm EST) May 29, 2019 (8 pm EST)

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Why this particular approach to writing is so lucrative.

This is the one single reason I was able to build a writing business that brings in $1 Million per year (even though almost nobody knows who I am).


The 3 Pillars of building a profitable writing business.

While these are not rocket science, you’d be surprised how many people don’t have these three success secrets figured out (and #3 even seems to escape many “pros”).


The specific niches where you’ll find the riches. 

Don’t be hornswoggled – you won’t make 6 or 7 figures unless you know where to find the “big fish.” I’ll show you where to find freshly stocked fishing ponds full of ‘em.


How to ensure your success as a big-money writer.

The one strategy that will get you out of “feast or famine” mode forever when it comes to getting clients.

"Ray has helped me build a really successful copywriting business which allowed me to leave my full-time litigation practice."

Sara Anna Powers

Are You Going to Start Your Writing

Business “Someday”?

“Someday” never comes, and there will not come a time when you have the time.

If you’re ever going to make this “writing thing” happen for real, you have to do it today… and  you have to make the time.

In fact, I encourage you to make the time for this all-new FREE masterclass. I’m going to give you the knowledge, strategy, and tactics to make it happen. All without ever feeling overwhelmed and without the soul-crushing question: “What the heck do I do next?”

Join my FREE masterclass: “The 3 Simple Secrets To Success as a Big-Money Writer”. I’ll teach you the right way to get your profitable copywriting business started, how to avoid some of the biggest pitfalls, and succeed wildly.

A Note From The Instructor...

It feels a lot like bragging, but if I were you I’d want to know this. So here it is: I’ve collected an estimated $4.9 million in copywriting fees… over $3.3 million of that in the last 36 months… and over the years, somewhere north of $300 MILLION in products sold for me and my clients.

Since starting up in 2005, I’ve learned a few things about running a profitable writing business.

And now, I’m revealing all my secrets on how you can start, run, and grow your own profitable copywriting business. It’s all in my upcoming FREE masterclass.

Here’s the best part: you can do it all without a huge team, and without stress, risk, or overwhelm. Reserve your FREE spot in the masterclass to learn how.